History of the Museum

THE NATIONAL UNDERGROUND RAILROAD MUSEUM was founded in 1994 as the first national museum dedicated to study, chronicle, and celebrate the Underground Railroad movement. Museum exhibits and artifacts offer visitor the historic and cultural contributions of the African slave and their descendants as both enslaved and leaders of the underground railroad local, state and national; the importance of the network of individuals from the north and the south, of all races, men, women and children of varied religious beliefs who helped the fugitive slave gain freedom. The museum preserves the history of the Bierbower family of Maysville and their home where the family concealed runaways. Explore site location and surrounding environs to examine historical geography and the natural boundary of the Ohio River, the “Borderland,” where morally and politically divided pro and anti-slavery factions battled and eventually divided the nation to the brink of Civil War. 

Site Under Construction

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